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This is a speculative future timeline loosely based around the success of the BRI (One Belt One Road Initiative) in which the Peoples Republic of China becomes a Superpower leaving the world divided into two main blocks, the United Defence Coalition and Shanghai Pact, entering what will become a Second Cold War.

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I made this, partly because I was bored, but mainly because not many future scenarios, that focused on geopolitics, like this existed at the time I created it. Either:

  • The world is a bountiful free utopia (under the total control of a single power - mainly the United States)
  • Bootleg 1984
  • Nuclear holocaust has happened and everything is objectively terrible

A more general trend was that either one side has won or everyone has lost.

I created, the rather counter-intuitively named Chinese Superpower (if I could rename it I probably would) to break this trend. China is a superpower in this scenario - this is literally the point, but so is the United States. To put things simply, the world does not revolve around any one country, China plays a much more important role in it, similar to the United States of today.

It will cover events from the present up until 31st December 2040.

This is fundamentally my subjective views of what such a future might look like so is unlikely to be particularly accurate but I will try my best. I am open to anyone who wants to collaborate with this timeline, but please note that I will not be taking every suggestion.

This scenario was originally based on Future Wikia, however as part of my rework of much of Africa and the Middle east (Now with 9 Somalias), I decided it would be easier to start my own wiki.

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